About Us

Our launch began in the Southern Region in 1434 AH and we were able to gain the satisfaction and trust of our individual customers and companies in a short time. Due to that, our organization evolved rapidly and achieved success in all the multiple private and public sectors in the construction business. We participated in projects for the Interior Ministry of King Abdullah that seeks out the development of government headquarters. Our institution was one of the very few that participated in Jazan refinery project and that’s what categorized us as a modern enterprise that pursues the betterment of their standard and performance, training and development of our employees by all regulations, especially in safety systems. Hereby we earned the trust of many national and foreign companies including Aramco to whom we become an accredited contractor. Under Number: 1 005 9082


Since the startup of our establishment, we have developed a comprehensive and specific vision to keep pace with development and the raising of the contracting sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and continuously developing its vision and capabilities to contribute to the National Vision 2030, which aims to increase the business, hire national recruits and raise the competitive capabilities


Combine all our energies and capacities in order to take proper care of our customers and meet their needs, with a team of professional experience in construction development, characterized by total commitment, hard work, and speed, with the highest professional and ethical standards.

Our Goals

  • Our primary and unrelenting goal is to satisfy customers with the highest standards of quality in work and accuracy in accomplishment.
  • Developing our capabilities to compete with major local and international companies.
  • Attract and develop distinguished national human resources.
  • Keeping up with the development of technology invested in the implementation of our projects.
  • Raising the efficiency of implementation and project management to reduce the material and time costs.

What Distinguishes the AMGE

  • An experienced administrative and engineering workforce in the field of construction and civil works.
  • Technical staff with distinguished experience that helps to execute and deliver the work on time
  • Strong and distinctive relationships with suppliers and building materials companies.
  • The use of the best materials with the promise of excellent implementation.
  • The ability to meet all the requirements of construction projects.